Friday, 4 July 2014

BIOCHAR at OM Farm We are now experimenting with Biochar ( activated charcoal ) Charcoal mixed with cow and/or chicken manure and microorganism and apply about 5 % to every new planting. Also we start a field research on 5 former rice fields that we plow to mix the Biochar with the soil. This is a bigger project with about 10000 kilo of charcoal and 500 kilo cow manure +++ (click the like button of our OM farm page to stay updated) VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME ! This project will start around middle of July 2014 and you are welcome any time ! A lot of news as I didn't blog anything here for a long time ... if you are interested please have a look on our facebook page :

Saturday, 27 July 2013

News OM Kampot

A lot of news to write about our activities at OM Kampot in Cambodia, We bought a piece of land (end of April) to build an organic / permaculture farm, so we can be sure about the quality of the food that we eat and serve to our guests in our restaurant and organic shop "OM" in Kampot, Cambodia.
Building the water pond was an experience by it self and happily we choosed the perfect location size and depth, so, fresh water is flowing about 1 meter deep under the earth into on one side and flowing out on the other side with a constant water level of 3 meters.
Now the water is pure and clear coming from the mountain nearby and our neighbors asked to take water from the pond for drinking because it is so good. Sure we let them take and we are happy to strengthen the connection with our friendly neighbors. Meanwhile we planted about 1 hectare of land with Peanuts witch are already ready and for sale in our restaurant and organic shop OM Kampot dried or roasted with or without shells, some back pain from harvesting is included in the low price.
in the same time as the peanuts were growing we started to plant many different varieties of fruit trees, my wish is to build a food & fruit forest good for many generations to live inside and from it.
We use Ageratum conyzoides as an organic fertilizer, also good for ecological pest management and control, a nitrogen fixer that grows on big parts of the land.
Another use of the land will be for planting Holy Basil,(known in India as Tulsi or Tulasi) the holiest plant of the Hindus and almost forgotten in Cambodia. We use this plant for a new product developed by us and tested during the "Winter time (dry season). It is an organic skin care & mosquito repellent which really works wonders and good for many other things as well like as dressing for a delicious salad first aid for minor wounds like small cuts and insect bites, 2 drops of it on a meatball and the delicious smell and taste from the holy basil and the extra virgin olive oil ,that we use as the only 2 ingredients in the organic "OM Skin Care & Mosquito Repellent", comes up and awakens all the senses to enjoy.
Another use of this Holy Plant that can keep a whole family healthy and is called the mother medicine of nature is the use as a healthy stress relieving and relaxing tea, many of you may know Tulsi Tea from India and very view know that it is also growing in Kampot, Cambodia.
In our restaurant and organic shop OM in Kampot, Cambodia, we have been busy too to increase our menu with a lot more super-foods & libations.
and sometimes we have some very special guests ... feeding an elephant ... at OM Kampot.
Have a nice travel and we hope you will pass by and we can welcome you when you are traveling in Cambodia along the beautiful south coast from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep or when you come for a weekend to Kampot to relax from the hustle and bustle in Phnom Penh.
Blessings Akoo , OM House Kampot

Friday, 25 May 2012

Travel to "OM" in Kampot, Cambodia ...

Travel to "OM" in Kampot, Cambodia ...

... where you will discover a journey of flavour inspired by the Silk Road,
which extended through Asia - KAMPOT, the Mediterranean, southern Europe and into Spain to the herbal mountains of IBIZA.

Superfoods & Libations that awakens all your senses to enjoy.

Creperie & Juice Bar, Coffee, Teas & Cakes, Superfoods, Cambodian specials and more ... Eco-Shop & Design, Art gallery, VIP room,Workshops, Events, Music  

OM Kampot is a restaurant and meeting-place for spiritual and ecological communication and education in the Old Market Street no. 38 in Kampot City, Cambodia with healthy foods & drinks, music & art and other healthy organic, natural products ...

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all lights @ OM Kampot, Cambodia are energy efficient SMD LED Stripes and spots
Crepes @ OM Kampot,Cambodia

 Broccoli & fried Tomatoes
in Dijon-Mustard Yoghurt Sauce
au gratin with Parmesan
Vegan food @ OM Kampot
                                                 Chicken-Breast Salad @ OM Kampot

@ OM Kampot,Cambodia

Toasties @ OM Kampot,Cambodia

Hobackquad @ OM Kampot,Cambodia

Lok Lak @ OM Kampot, Cambodia

inside OM Kampot,Cambodia

inside OM Kampot,Cambodia

OM Kampot,Cambodia

Walnut-cake with Ice cream @ OM Kampot,Cambodia

Love & Light
Peace & Joy
Akoo Ibiza ... OM-House, Kampot